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Date: 12/02/19 04:44
Author: JUTower

Hi all,
I have a NCE DCC system on my HO layout, with two reverse loops protected by PSX-AR Auto Reversers.  Each of my power districts is also protected by NCE EB-1 circuit breakers.

One of the PSX's is slow to "flip" (reverse polarity) and the other doesn't seem to at all.  I realized that the circuit breaker in the PSX-AR may be slower to trip than the EB-1 and have started messing with that.  As a byproduct I also realized that the EB-1 was feeding the PSX-AR which is probably not helping matters.  I've since fed the PSX-AR directly and next need to try raising the EB-1 trip current.

Does anyone have any other suggestions or advice on this?

Date: 12/02/19 07:16
Re: (DCC) NCE EB-1 and PSX-AR
Author: up9116

I use Digitrax DCC and have six reversing loops on my layout, with six Digitrax auto reversers.  On the Digitrax reversers, there is a small set screw to adjust the sensitivity.  I have found that you have to play with each auto reverser after installation, adjusting the sensitivity for them to react at the speed you want so a locomotive consist runs through smoothly.  I would guess that your NCE system is similar and you will have some sort of method of adjusting the sensitivity.  Good luck.


Date: 12/02/19 09:14
Re: (DCC) NCE EB-1 and PSX-AR
Author: RGDave

The PSX-AR should be wired directly to the command station, not through an EB-1 if I recall.   

The PSX-AR as you note is adjustable so that is a good next step.  Excited to see your railroad come together!


Date: 12/02/19 09:19
Re: (DCC) NCE EB-1 and PSX-AR
Author: railstiesballast

The installation instructions for the AR state that the insulated joints (gaps) should be staggered, not directly across from each other.
I got into a wee bit of trouble with that because my legacy DC reverse loops had joints that were not staggered.

Date: 12/03/19 10:20
Re: (DCC) NCE EB-1 and PSX-AR
Author: glengui4294

Hello JUTower,

  Yes, you are on the right track.  Both your PSX-AR's and EB-1's should be connected directly to the NCE command station, the PSX-AR should not pass thru the EB-1.  For the Auto Reverser to function correctly, you want the PSX-AR to react to a short BEFORE the EB-1.  So, the EB-1 should have a slightly longer delay than the PSX-AR.  To change the delay time of a PSX-AR, just change a CV, the manual should walk you thru how to do this on NCE.  I don't know how to change the delay on a EB-1, I've never used one.

Basically, your DCC system can try to resolve a short in three ways: 
1.  The PSX-AR can 'flip' to realign mismatched polarity.
2.  The PSX-AR can trip can kill power to its section of track.  (It is an auto-reverser AND a circuit breaker.)
3.  The EB-1 can trip and kill power to its section of track.

Also, you want your system to attempt to resolve a short in this order!

Good luck.

Date: 03/30/20 12:10
Re: (DCC) NCE EB-1 and PSX-AR
Author: JUTower

Thank you all.  I finally got this figured out... and it was the stupidest damn thing!
Here's what I did...
  • First, realized that I needed a few more feeder wires to make sure the circuit breakers were tripping (too few feeders is bad...)
  • As mentioned in this thread, my EB-1 was feeding the PSX-AR, so I changed that so that they are both fed from the command station directly.
  • After further testing, it seemed that the PSX-AR was failing to flip in polarity.  Out of an abundance of caution, I bought a new PSX-AR and a new EB-1, and got those installed.
  • Still had the problem.... now what?
  • I disconnected the power output from the PSX-AR and verified that it was flipping polarity (my prior one wasn't, I think I'd fried it)
  • I decided to swap the polarity of the input wires, and voila! Found that it flipped and then continuously was tripping the command station circuit breaker. 
  • I deducted that I must have a short across the power districts (between the PSX-AR and the EB-1).
  • I traced all my feeder wires and found that I had a common rail feeder on the wrong side of the insulated joints.  So this would have been fine half the time, but as soon as the PSX-AR tried to flip polarity it would cause a short.  Feeder was connected to the right bus, and VOILA! Now I can run trains.
Thanks all for the help!

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