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Model Railroading > Stalls at switches (Please See New Problem.)

Date: 12/02/19 11:43
Stalls at switches (Please See New Problem.)
Author: refarkas

See new problem. Thank you.

My N-scale layout has been working well. After years of inactivity, I started to finish it. I run DC with a Crest Basic Train-Engineer wireless handheld controller not DCC. The track is in but not painted or ballasted (I'm in an apartment.) My other locomotives including Life-Like EMD switchers go through the switches without stopping, but my new Bachmann 70 ton locomotive stops on every switch. I am using Atlas code 55 switches and recently installed regular Caboose Industries ground throws on all of them as there was no need to power the frog.
Do I have to tear out all my ground throws and install ones that power the frog? I am looking to do this the easiest way if possible.
If so, can anyone recommend a good set of instructions or video to show me the way?

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Date: 12/02/19 12:41
Re: Stalls at switches
Author: sarailfan

I'm pretty sure frog juicers from Tam Valley Depot work to power the frog regardless of what power system or turnout control you use. Might be worth looking into, especially if you like the manual throws.

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Darren Boes
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Date: 12/02/19 15:20
Re: Stalls at switches
Author: TCnR

Try wiring one frog / switch and apply the correct polarity by hand, with a test clip for example. If that doesn't solve the problme you're not out much work.

It does suggest the Bachman is using fewer pickups or somehow has an economy design, that's how that works. It could be a loose connection inside the engine.

+ Tam Valley has / had a 'Blog' for technical information, questions and discussions. I don't have the address for it though.

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Date: 12/02/19 15:53
Re: Stalls at switches
Author: atsf121

Would check the engine to see if all wheels are picking up power. Then I would try the suggestion for powering the frog. If it’s the frog power, then Tam Valley would be the way to go.


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Date: 12/03/19 08:19
Re: Stalls at switches
Author: up833

I have a similiar N set up with code 55 and manual throws.   Check for dirty wheels but its likey the short wheel base thats the issue. Like mentioned use a temp jumper to see if thats a fix.   Use a volt meter. I have seen sections of rail not powered.  Solder jumper wire from powered sections to dead section for a quick fix.

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