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Date: 01/10/20 15:55
1.5 v bulbs with TCS WowSound
Author: BrokenRail

Sent this to TCS tech support but hadn’t seen a response yet. Figured the TO wizards might have some wisdom.

I am trying to use 1.5 v bulbs with the Wow Sound 101 w/ keep alive and VR1.5. I'm not able to clearly discern from both the VR1.5 and 101-KA documentation how to safely do this. I understand the location/identification of the function wires, and how the auxiliary harness has the two additional function wires brown and pink. What I'm not clear on is how to attach the VR1.5's Tan, Blue, and Black/White wires. The KA module utilizes the auxiliary harness on the 101, so I have a brown pink and tan wire available.

Where do I go from here? Do I tap the blue and black/white wires on the auxiliary harness that go to the KA to also power the VR1.5, then use the tan output wire on the VR 1.5 plus the function wires to power the 1.5 v lamps?

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Date: 01/11/20 20:50
Re: 1.5 v bulbs with TCS WowSound
Author: ajgreen

Hi there.

Looking at the documentation I have been able to find, it would appear that the VR1.5 taps into the Blue (+) wire and the black and white (-) wire from the TCS Wow decoder. Which end you take the blue feed from is not overly important (from what I can find). From there, the yellow wire from the VR1.5 feeds all the required 1.5v bulbs, with the other bulb lead going to the required function (white, yellow, green, purple, pink & brown).

Hope that helps?

New Zealand.

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