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Date: 03/21/20 23:08
If you gotta say home...
Author: bearease

...Might as well catch up on some weathering!
In the spirit of Mr. Maffei's brilliant work in the thread below, I'll submit a more modern gon. Actually, I started this before the "lock down" but finished up this last week.
Please excuse the primitive surroundings -- no actual layout as yet, but I run things on this temporary "test" layout with a paper mock-up of a future packing house. Works for quick test pics. BTW this is in N scale.
Several other projects on the table for the coming days! Thanks for looking!

Date: 03/22/20 05:10
Re: If you gotta say home...
Author: algoma11

Nice car but I would make the walkway warpage a bit less pronounced!

Mike Bannon
St Catharines, ON

Date: 03/22/20 07:43
Re: If you gotta say home...
Author: icancmp193

Car is great! Walkway, not so much.

Date: 03/22/20 11:26
Re: If you gotta say home...
Author: ChrisCampi

Lol, I was so focused on the weathering, I didn't notice the walkway. Regardless, the car looks great man.

Date: 03/22/20 13:13
Re: If you gotta say home...
Author: bearease

Ha! Yea I was wondering about the walkway. The car I was basing this on, had a really warped walkway, so when I was putting this one back on, I left it more warpy, but I didn't want to go radical and bend and/or melt it to match the photo. The problem with trying to match prototype distruction, is that it can look like an outright mistake in model form.
Your feedback basically confirmed what I was thinking. Guess I'll smash that back down!
Thanks for the input!

Date: 03/22/20 13:57
Re: If you gotta say home...
Author: PHall

Go use a metal walkway like something from Plano. Those things warp all by themselves.

Date: 03/22/20 13:59
Re: If you gotta say home...
Author: dmaffei

Rust / corrosion at roof is convincing. I've found the more you weather, the better you get. Check out the military weathering on Youtube. Great tutorial videos there.
Thanks for sharing.

Date: 03/22/20 15:09
Re: If you gotta say home...
Author: Jeff_Johnston

Th openings in the roof that accommodate the walkway mounting pins don't always line up on the same spacing. I find this especially true on the 50-foot outside-braced boxcars by Walthers and Roundhouse. I ream open the roof holes so there's a bit more play available to fit the parts, and it works great.

Jeff Johnston

Date: 03/22/20 17:54
Re: If you gotta say home...
Author: bearease

PHall: the metal walkway is a great idea. I have some Gold Medal Models roof walks I've been saving for other projects, but those would work nice for this car.

D. Maffei: thanks for the encouragement. Yea I've been watching you tube videos for the trains; I'll have to check out some of the military videos.

Jeff_Johnston: Thanks for the tip. I've had that spacing issue happen with other cars, but in this case I was trying to achieve the warped look by simply not seating the walkway pins all the way into the roof. A quick push will seat the walkway just fine.

Thanks again for all your replies.

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