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Date: 05/14/20 16:52
Manzanita factory
Author: Jeff_Johnston

Meanwhile, our Manzanita factory is in full swing. We found Rustoleum Warm Camel spray paint is about dead-on for the color of a Manzanita bush, and topped by olive green foam, they're going to look great. The over-6,000-foot elevation of our layout's Sierra mountains locale calls for a lot of these guys.

The paint in person is redder than it looks in the photo. Most of these bushes will be trimmed and in some cases cut into several smaller bushes as the needs arise. Next up, the Sugar Pine and Ponderosa Pine assembly line, once we settle on the bark and trunk colors for the trees.

Jeff Johnston

Date: 05/15/20 04:03
Re: Manzanita factory
Author: EL-SD45-3632

Very nice!  Where did you find your bush material? Thank you. 

Date: 05/15/20 10:36
Re: Manzanita factory
Author: Jeff_Johnston

The fiber is Woodland Scenics Poly Fiber Net, and the foam is from AMSI, Spruce Green, fine size. Now and then I toss is a pinch of another shade of foam to vary the look.

The poly fiber is stretched way out thin and the foam is applied in densities ranging from very light to medium coverage as I like the airy see-through effect. Some of these bushes will also be trimmed into several smaller pieces depending on what's needed for a scene. 


Date: 05/16/20 07:39
Re: Manzanita factory
Author: atsf121

Those are good looking manzanita bushes!

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Date: 05/18/20 06:58
Re: Manzanita factory
Author: CSX1346

Poly Fiber can be purchased in bulk at craft stores then you can color to your specifics.  Works well.

Golden East Railroad Modelers

Date: 05/19/20 04:51
Re: Manzanita factory
Author: SPDRGWfan

Speaking of AMSI, I used their Eucalyptus foam to make some scrub brush, along with some Scenic express foam.  Using Rob Spanglers method via paint stripper pads cut and pulled apart, here are some scrub brush I made.

Cheers, Jim

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