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Date: 06/25/20 15:21
New Blog Page
Author: D0wnt1me

For those interested, I created a blog page today to document progress on my shelf layout.

Feel free to check it out.



Date: 06/25/20 17:43
Re: New Blog Page
Author: AVR3001

Any photo of a PE station like the one that you have in your plan?

Date: 06/25/20 17:52
Re: New Blog Page
Author: D0wnt1me

I think something like this station at Wingfoot would be fitting. Of course, would be modeled for passenger use on my layout. Nothing is set in stone yet... suggestions welcomed. 


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Date: 06/25/20 23:56
Re: New Blog Page
Author: ts1457

Dean, thanks for keeping us up to date.

I wonder if PE had any combo passenger/freight stations? I don't know what PE's LCL business was like in the 1940's, but having a freight station handling LCL could be another traffic generator for you.

I assume the express service was separate any may have used box motors, or at least combine electic cars.


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