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Model Railroading > tsunami2 and 1 watt speaker

Date: 07/29/20 10:21
tsunami2 and 1 watt speaker
Author: schneid

Is it ok to use a 1 watt speaker with a tsunami2 decoder?  Will it damage the decoder?


Date: 07/29/20 10:25
Re: tsunami2 and 1 watt speaker
Author: mkt1992

No damage will be done to the decoder. But you will blow out your speaker if you don't reduce your volume output by 1/2.


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Date: 07/29/20 15:49
Re: tsunami2 and 1 watt speaker
Author: wnehoc

Also, use Decoder Pro or the CVs to set the speaker size, or individual frequencies via the equalizier.  Sending low frequencies to the speaker that it cannot produce is not good for the amplifier or the speaker.  I usually use one of the built-in speaker size settings, but I've also used the equalizer to turn off the lowest frequency and tweak the others until it sounds good to my ear.

Date: 07/29/20 18:45
Re: tsunami2 and 1 watt speaker
Author: KA7008

Yes! Another vote for using the equalizer. 
Turn down the lowest "bass" setting for sure.  Then play with the next one.  If you don't hear a difference, leave it at zero as well.  I find most small speakers don't reproduce anything with the two lowest settings of the EQ and leave them at zero.

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