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Date: 09/14/20 09:09
Train Mountain 242 Fire
Author: BAB

Well there now is a video on Youtube that shows for the most part what TM looks like on the north end after the fire was out its the 242 Fire on there..  Well worth watching as the fire was stopped at an interchange called Schubert which can be found on TMs web site map.  Much is black with many trees destroyed up there. Qutie a bit of track is still usable after a good rain if one ever comes some needs total replacement. But again all other track is still there south of that interchange noted. The video was taken by Tom Watson and the driver is Richard Cox and was done with permission of the fire  department handing it. Right now here in the area some are still under evacuation 3 TM is no longer in the lower part at least. Do hope that other areas affected by wildfire are getting thru it ok. Boyd In Chiloquin OR where the smoke is still thick.

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Date: 09/14/20 13:06
Re: Train Mountain 242 Fire
Author: BigDave

"2-4-2 Fire Train Mountain Drive Through Part 1"  

"2-4-2 Fire Train Mountain Drive Through Part 2"

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Date: 09/14/20 13:30
Re: Train Mountain 242 Fire
Author: BAB

There you go Dave didnt have enough info should have done better. Hey the sun does shine just came out here now about the smoke. Boyd

Date: 09/17/20 08:30
Re: Train Mountain 242 Fire
Author: BAB

Two members did a track inspection where they were allowed to be about two days ago is posted on there FB page.  Like the pix show its going to take time for things to look better just one year most will be the same. They are cutting trees at this time was told where needed that are unsafe. There is a fire crew working on hot spots and dont know which one but the National Guard is here in force doing cleanup of hot spots.Most of the south evacuation and closures have been lifted.

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