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Date: 10/09/20 16:04
Replacement part needed...
Author: hartrick24

I have a h.o scale Athearn SD75M with a broken crankshaft. I need to find a new one the part number is G62135. Does anyone know where I can get one. I've tried the Athearn site and google with no luck.

Thank you for any help.
Steve H...

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Date: 10/09/20 17:13
Re: Replacement part needed...
Author: BNModeler

Watch eBay. They will turn up eventually

Date: 10/09/20 18:36
Re: Replacement part needed...
Author: Coast

call Athearn or email them

Date: 10/09/20 20:22
Re: Replacement part needed...
Author: grahamline

Crankshaft? A-Line/Protopower stocks some Athearn drivetrain components.

Date: 10/09/20 22:19
Re: Replacement part needed...
Author: PHall

Yes, call or email Athearn. Many times I been able to get parts that the website didn't show.

Date: 10/10/20 06:06
Re: Replacement part needed...
Author: hartrick24

PHall Wrote:
> Yes, call or email Athearn. Many times I been able
> to get parts that the website didn't show.

I have over the last 2 weeks, tried on 3 times calling with no luck and no call back from them.

Steve H..

Date: 10/10/20 07:35
Re: Replacement part needed...
Author: tramfan

Look at the universal coupling kit that PPW/Aline sells. It is part #12032.

Date: 10/10/20 17:26
Re: Replacement part needed...
Author: alcoc636

Due to Covid-19 (and maybe other reasons?) the Athearn parts department is really swamped these days. Also due to Covid-19 it is a one man show meaning there is only one person currently handling all requests for parts. He is there Monday through Friday from 8 am until 3:30 pm (Pacific Time) except for his 30 minute lunch period. I recently obtained some parts from Athearn. However, I had to call them several times, leaving several messages. Eventually, they returned my calls and fulfilled my request. Be patient and keep trying to contact them. At least you can still obtain parts from them, unlike companies such as Inter Mountain Railway Company who no longer offer any parts at all.

Edit Alert!
Please allow me to edit my remarks. I am told by the folks at Inter Mountain Railway Company that they do offer warranty replacement of parts on their items (see their post below mine). However, kitbashers and scratch builders can no longer obtain parts for their projects.

Tim Dickinson
La Verne, CA

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Date: 10/12/20 09:08
Re: Replacement part needed...
Author: Intermountain

InterMountain does fill parts requests for warranty parts, the following is directly off our website.  As was mentioned to the previous poster in a PM, we were getting massive parts requests from scratchbuilders and with the closure of AFFA and reductions in manpower, we simply do not have the manpower or parts supplies to fill those types of requests.  We will do our best to fill requests that are for warranty parts, I personally filled 20 of them last week on a variety of parts.  Having said this, please understand our supply of many parts is running low or completely gone and those parts will only be replenished when the item(s) are obtained from our new suppliers.  I have needed parts from other manufacturers myself and all did their best given limited resources (manpower and spare parts) to fill my requests. 

NOTE: We are no longer accepting non-warranty parts requests. This includes, but is not limited to, parts used in kitbashing, scratchbuilding, and/or any model customization purposes.

When in doubt, please contact us. For all parts requests, expect 4-6 weeks before receiving them.

To submit a parts request please click the Parts Request button below or send an e-mail to: intermountain@intermountain-railway.com and provide the following information:
-Full Name
-Mailing Address (Parts are shipped via US Mail unless otherwise specified)
-Daytime Phone Number
-Scale (O, HO, N, Z)
-Part(s) Desired (if part name is unknown, describe the part(s) as best you can. Simple cell phone pictures can also be helpful to show locations of missing or broken parts).
Parts requests are filled in date order and/or when parts are available. You may indicate if you would like to be notified if the part(s) that you have requested are not available.

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