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Date: 01/02/21 08:37
Flat Switching
Author: LarryDoyle

Does your railroad permit kicking cars?


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Date: 01/02/21 08:46
Re: Flat Switching
Author: tomstp

Now, I wanna know:  how many takes?

Many years ago when engines had the old open frame motors, I had a Hobbytown 55 mph geared GP-7 as a "HUMP" engine.    I built the hump with several Kadee uncoupling magnets and that engine would creep very slow and every 10 seconds or so a car would uncouple and roll into a class track.  I would get a cold Coors and watch it, oh 2 or 3 cans worth.  Lots of fun.

Date: 01/03/21 00:28
Re: Flat Switching
Author: SP4360

Damn good cast iron shoes on those double clasp brakes. lol

Date: 01/03/21 05:26
Re: Flat Switching
Author: SPDRGWfan

tomstp Wrote:
> Now, I wanna know:  how many takes?

That is exactly what I was thinking.

Date: 01/03/21 07:56
Re: Flat Switching
Author: LarryDoyle

Three takes.  I do it often enough that I knew pretty much what to expect from the equipment,  Set up the camera, turned it on, and did three takes.


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