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Model Railroading > Onondaga remote ops article in Feb MR

Date: 01/08/21 19:08
Onondaga remote ops article in Feb MR
Author: atsf121

There's a nice article in the latest Model Railroader by Dave Abeles about how he setup remote operations on his Onondaga Cutoff layout.  My 14 year-old son and I enjoyed watching a few Facebook videos of his operating sessions last year.  I was impressed with how well the remote sessions worked, especially the first one where Dave was the only person in the basement.  The article has all the details you need if you want to do it yourself.  I think you could adapt some of the ideas to cover railroads set in earlier time periods.  Radios could be 'telephones', text messages could be 'telegrams'.  The trick would be showing engineers where they were on the layout.  Other participating at the Walnut Creek club about 20 years ago, I've only been able to participate in one live op session over the years.  Had a blast at Ted York's Cajon Pass layout.  I would love to particpate in something like that again, even as a remote station agent.  I wonder if that will become more prevelant over the coming years.  It could expand the pool of people needed to run a layout, especially if "the regulars" couldn't make it that session.

Great article Dave, think the Onondaga is taking over MR month by month!


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