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Date: 02/17/21 10:42
Frog juicer input question
Author: Bscale316

Any reason why the DCC input from the 2 buss wires couldn't be daisy-chained to power several FJ's?
I solder all connections to the buss and would like to minimze how many I make.
It appears it would not be a problem.
(Small layout, one loco at a time, no circuit breakers, no boosters)
Bill in Ft Worth

Date: 02/17/21 11:12
Re: Frog juicer input question
Author: NCA1022

That should work just fine.  You're only going to draw power when a loco's wheels are actually on the frog.

Remember to only daisy chain the FJ's within the same power district (if you layout has more than one district) to keep the power districts electrically separate.While the front truck of a loco will be on the frog, the rear truck will be on "normal" track, creating an electrical path between the two.

Only drawback is it might be a bit less convenient if you have to replace a Frog Juicer someday. 

- Norm

Date: 02/23/21 04:16
Re: Frog juicer input question
Author: Bscale316

Thanks for responding.

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