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Model Railroading > Sound or non-sound?

Date: 01/06/22 16:55
Sound or non-sound?
Author: shadetree

Is there a way to tell without taking off the shell?  I have and intermoutain ES44DC NS 7545.  The box says sound. 


Date: 01/06/22 17:11
Re: Sound or non-sound?
Author: chakk

If you have a DCC layout test track, try running it with locomotive number 3 and see if your throttle can blow the horn.

Date: 01/06/22 17:19
Re: Sound or non-sound?
Author: RioGrandeFan

All InterMountain locomotives are equipped with DCC no matter if they are sound or non-sound so you can safely put it on DCC to find out if it has sound or not.

Lee Ryan - Rio Grande Fan
Denver, CO

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