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Model Railroading > CN C40-8M Paint question

Date: 01/09/22 06:37
CN C40-8M Paint question
Author: BNModeler

Looking for the best Scalecoat match for CN C40-8M red and grey
They list CN Red #11 and #12 and for the grey  #11, #12 and #17
Building up a Kaslo Shops kit and want to paint it as it would be eary in  it's life
And while I'm at it, Decals?
Any suggeations wanted and welcomed

Date: 01/09/22 19:30
Re: CN C40-8M Paint question
Author: Betsy

I can't help with Scalecoat paint (I use Trucolor), but Microscale makes some fairly good CB decals for both the older scheme and CN North America.  It includes the diagonal stripes on the side, though I would recommend cutting those out individually if you decide to use them.  I'd also fade the black a bit before painting, but I tend to do that with all colors on a model. 


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