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Date: 01/16/22 21:39
N Scale Esquimalt & Nanaimo
Author: cvrrr

I thought that TO members would like to see a small part of my brothers' N Scale E&N layout. The location is the Niagara Canyon Bridge at mile post 13.7 of the Victoria Sub of the E&N. The prototype bridge is 525 feet in length, the one in the video is 521 scale feet in length. The prototype was originally built for the CPR in 1884 for Cisco BC. were it stayed until replaced by a stronger bridge. In 1911 the bridge was in service on the E&N. 
The motive power is two kitbashed Baldwin DRS4-4-1000, class DRS-10a, built in 1949. Models used were both TrueLine Trains RS-10's  Atlas mechanism. My brother has not taken the leap into DCC as he has too many engines. 


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Date: 01/16/22 23:57
Re: N Scale Esquimalt & Nanaimo
Author: up833

Thanks for posting the video. Excellent rocks and background which I think looks very realistic.  Powers not bad either!

Date: 01/17/22 13:32
Re: N Scale Esquimalt & Nanaimo
Author: spsunset

WOW Would love to see more.
Excellent scenery


Date: 01/18/22 17:55
Re: N Scale Esquimalt & Nanaimo
Author: moonliter

Great video but what are the tags on top of some of the equipment for?

Gerry Gaugl
Ottawa, ON

Date: 01/18/22 19:45
Re: N Scale Esquimalt & Nanaimo
Author: cvrrr

The tags are for operating sessions so the operator can tell what location and which track the car in the train has to go to. The cars that are being picked up would have tags on them as well for their final destination.


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