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Date: 05/02/22 19:46
Atlas F-M Trainmaster Phase 1b
Author: DocJohn

I purchased  one of subject locomotives as soon as they were advertised in CNJ colors (CNJ 2403).  I just moved locomotive to my FL layout.  It still runs as good as new.

A couple of questions:

1.  At one time after I sent Atlas a pictrue of the real 2403 (Point Pleasant, NJ, August 1958) running short end forward and asked how to keep the short end headlight lit at all times, Atlas sent me a list of commands I had to enter into the decoder.  That list is long gone.  Does anyone have such list?

2.  Has anyone put a stay-alive capacitor in one of these locomotives?  If so, which one, where did you put it under the locomotive shell and what wires is it connected to?

Thank you,

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