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Date: 06/16/22 09:26
Author: daveupfirst

What is the closest Tru color  paint for Carload Express burgandy?

Date: 06/16/22 15:32
Re: Paint
Author: Charls

Why dont you contact them, give them the sample you have or the rference and they would be in better place to look against their master color list

Date: 06/16/22 21:41
Re: Paint
Author: MrMRL

Just trying to help out a but here... but Googling Carload Express Burgundy to see what this paint scheme resembles, makes me lean towards Wisconsin Central Maroon. Tru Color sells a WC maroon paint, TCP-117.

Third pic of the prototype is from Carload Express's Facebook page...

Mr. MRL ~ your mileage may vary...

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Date: 06/17/22 15:58
Re: Paint
Author: AVR3001

If you can find a Dupont Imron Paint color chart, that is where the colors originated.
Dupont Imron Maroon: Imron 143UH
Dupont Imron Chrome Yellow:  Imron 6561U
Dupont Imron Black:  Imron 99U
The yellow is sprayed, then masked, then oversprayed with maroon and the masks removed.

Hopefully we'll get to see your finished model(s).

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