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Model Railroading > Fresh eggs this morning

Date: 11/13/22 11:13
Fresh eggs this morning
Author: Fiftyfooter

The sun is rising, and the eggs are fresh!  You might even get to see a train while you are collecting them!

Modeled by Charles Smiley!

Date: 11/13/22 12:37
Re: Fresh eggs this morning
Author: Frisco1522

Wow!  Good work.

Date: 11/16/22 10:28
Re: Fresh eggs this morning
Author: wabash2800

Great modeling.

OT but here is a funny, true story told by my Croatian coworker who has a sister in Germany: Recently a Bosnian in Germany walked into a German grocery store looking for chicken. He spoke little German or English. So he got an idea. He found the cartoned eggs, took one out and held it up to the stork clerk:  (translated from broken German), "Where is mama?"  The clerk got it and showed him where the chicken was located.

Victor B.

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