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Date: 11/15/22 12:29
More on helix-area log landings ...
Author: Jeff_Johnston

To expand a bit on our Sugar Pine Lumber Company layout helix-area landings, Camp 2 is set up with a short spur track that's planned for a car unit yarder/loader. In the photo, I used a sled donkey to illustrate the car unit position, and the spar tree will be roughly where the yellow push-pin is located.

The second photo is Camp 1, just up the hill from Central Camp. It can accommodate roughly five loads, or more if the second track is used for load storage while the main loading track is busy. Again, the yellow push-pin is in roughly the spar tree location. This landing will use separate sled-mounted yarder and loader donkeys. The track closest to the wall is the 9-Line from Central Camp (to the right, downhill) and the woods operation (left, uphill). The "double riser" behind the middle three log cars is a planned trestle location.

Depending on crew size, in use, an operating session will include a loco that stays in the woods camps area for switching duties in addition to the woods-to-Central Camp operators. We'll see how that shakes out once things get going, operationally. I'm kind of excited for that to start happening.


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