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Date: 09/18/23 12:08
Junior/Youth Club Members Question
Author: U-3-b

The club that I belong to has several youth are are interested in joining our club. In the past all junior members have always been accompanied by a parent or guardian, but these two do not have either one of those who what to be a part of our club.  Do any clubs out there have special rules for youth joining that they would like to share?  I don't want to discourage these two from what could be a life long hobby.  

Thanks in advance.


Date: 09/18/23 15:19
Re: Junior/Youth Club Members Question
Author: wpdude

Unfortunately in this cesspool of a society we have descended into, having "unaccompanied minors" on your property COULD have legal consequences. The NMRA has some excellent guidelines, and you may wish to talk to counsel on this matter. Merely MY 2 cents worth...And I'll add that had I not been a junior member of the local club 50 years ago, who knows if I would still be in the hobby!?

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Date: 09/18/23 18:26
Re: Junior/Youth Club Members Question
Author: U-3-b

I hadn't even thought about that aspect of this.

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