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Date: 06/10/24 14:30
Vintage Steam Locomotive Handbook delayed
Author: Jeff_Johnston

Good afternoon! For anyone who's ordered one of my new Vintage Steam Locomotive Handbooks and not received it yet, I apologize for the delay and appreciate your patience. My printer has been somewhat delayed in getting my batch of books in my hands, but I'm expecting them this week, with luck. They'll be going out to the post office as soon as they're in my hands.

I should add, I'm not waiting for a container cargo ship from Asia, my books are printed and assemvled at a shop just a few miles from where I live. I rather like the "made in the USA" aspect of working locally.

Again, thank you for your patience.

Best regards,
Jeff Johnston

Date: 06/11/24 12:56
Re: Vintage Steam Locomotive Handbook delayed
Author: wabash2800

I had mine printed in the USA too. So one day I got word that a semi was headed my way... Semis don't normally drive in my neighborhood, but he drove into the subdivision and backed the trailer into the driveway. It was a pallet of 1200+ hardcover books weighing about 3 lb. each. Each case was 14 books. Family and a friend transferred the boxes of books individually from the trailer pallet to the pallet in my breakfast nook. It was a cold but exciting day.

I'm happy for you. A good book is a lot of work that takes time. You'll be glowing from ear to ear when you get them. It looks like a nice book. l have to get a copy, because it will be useful.

Victor Baird
Esrtwhile Publications

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Date: 06/12/24 20:31
Re: Vintage Steam Locomotive Handbook is here
Author: Jeff_Johnston

Thank you for the kind words!

My second print run arrived in my hands this afternoon, and starts shipping out tomorrow morning via the post office.

I appreciate everyone's patience!

Jeff Johnston

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