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Model Railroading > Cartoon by Mat Barton

Date: 06/11/24 17:57
Cartoon by Mat Barton
Author: wabash2800

Model Railroaders don't get respect.

Date: 06/11/24 18:42
Re: Cartoon by Mat Barton
Author: atsf121

Love it!

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Date: 06/11/24 19:05
Re: Cartoon by Mat Barton
Author: DKay

Peer pressure lives. 

Date: 06/11/24 21:14
Re: Cartoon by Mat Barton
Author: Kemacprr

Let"s see with model tractor trailers you will need a model class A CDL. With non hazardous straight trucks a Class B CDL. If diesel you will have to buy DEF ( diesel exhaust fluid ) to be legal. Keep a logbook and get a physical every year.  With airplanes you will be almsot always late for takeoff or landing, only use approved JP-4 and most of all make sure your engines and doors don't fall off in mid flight !  I think railroading wins this one !!!  ---  Ken who drove Class A and Class B trucks for many years hauling hazardous materials and played with boats on a PBR and Stabs on the canals in Vietnam !!

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Date: 06/12/24 09:44
Re: Cartoon by Mat Barton
Author: wabash2800

Many of us that like trains have an interest in other modes of transportation.

As a kid I liked boats, trains and planes and still do.  (I wanted to be an airline pilot. But dad discouraged me as he said I could only get that experience by joining the Air Force. And the Air Force wouldn't take me because of my corrected vision. I found out later I could have been a pilot in the Navy or Marines, or obtained a degree in aeronautical engineering and went from there.) Someone who used to be a friend of mine got a "combat commission" with corrected vision in the Air Force during the Vietnam War. He didn't like the experience with fighter jets, so settled into flying the refueling tankers until he retired.

Don't ever let anyone discourage you. 

Victor Baird

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Date: 06/12/24 11:16
Re: Cartoon by Mat Barton
Author: bigsavage

Well, I also had fire engines!

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