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Date: 06/18/24 06:23
RE: Railserve.com
Author: WM1977

Anyone know what happened to the Railserve.com website? Just wondering.

Date: 06/18/24 07:49
Re: RE: Railserve.com
Author: Curt

Funny you should ask.  I'm not a modeler, but I have an extensive dvd collection, and I always used RS, as they had a nice listing of retailers.  Been wondering the same thing...

Date: 06/18/24 18:35
Re: RE: Railserve.com
Author: DKay

Must be recent ???
I was using it about a month ago.

Date: 06/19/24 07:19
Re: RE: Railserve.com
Author: Curt

Yeah, within the last 10 days.

Date: 06/30/24 18:13
Re: RE: Railserve.com and model train show lists
Author: Sam

I used railserve.com as a source of model railroad show information, and was surprised to find it gone.  Other sources I have found are railfan.com/timetable (free listings) and tcatrains.org/events.

My question is whether trainorders.com is a useful place for model railroad show information.  I publish monthly lists of New England (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI) and Mid Atlantic (DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA) train show via email. The lists are free and there is no advertising. The New England List can be found on netca.org/other

And I encourage clubs to publish their events on railfan.com/timetable for free.


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