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Date: 06/21/24 14:23
Scale Trains GP30 assistance
Author: M-636

I have a STX HO GP30 that I want to remove the truck side frames from, and paint them silver. Do I need to remove the worm gear and cover along with the gear case bottom covers like Atlas and Bowser units, or does STX use a different design?

Date: 06/21/24 19:32
Re: Scale Trains GP30 assistance
Author: mcdeo

Yes, need to remove the bottom plate. At least on all of my STX units. They have pins that hold the side frames on, inside the gearbox area. 

Mike ONeill
Parker, CO

Date: 06/21/24 19:45
Re: Scale Trains GP30 assistance
Author: CSX2605

I emailed Scale Trains on the SD45 truck removal and they sent me a PDF on how to remove them. Very informative!

Date: 06/21/24 21:40
Re: Scale Trains GP30 assistance
Author: TCnR

The ST help desk is very helpful, the 6 axle sheet shows the interlock to be similar to the P2K idea,

Good idea to check the little electrical wipers, one of the six axle models had them all twisted and not making contact.

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