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Date: 04/25/08 08:07
Coaster Delays
Author: stone23

Just heard via phone that there is some sort of Coaster delay this AM, (pedestrian Vs. train? as usual)

Coaster runs between Oceanside CA and San Diego,CA.

Must also affect Amtrak Surfliners.

Date: 04/25/08 10:00
Re: Coaster Delays
Author: mundo

Yes, Amtrak is Late, Sone.

562 47 min, late into SAN
At Solana Beach 763, 565 over a hour late.

Date: 04/25/08 10:59
Re: Coaster Delays
Author: Jaanfo

Coaster 630 I believe it is struck a trespasser at about CP Elvira (In Rose Canyon, SD)

Date: 04/25/08 15:59
Re: Coaster Delays
Author: Misfit138

Here's the story. -Matt

BTW- Between a ped accident and a shark attack, a bad day in San Diego County.


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