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Passenger Trains > NJ Transit: Departure Vision status board for NJT ATK

Date: 12/23/09 09:51
NJ Transit: Departure Vision status board for NJT ATK
Author: Lackawanna484

NJ Transit has been rolling out a new package called Departure Vision, which allows you to see status of trains at that location. For a large, complex station like Newark Penn, you can see the same board that you'd see in the station, with trains in order of departure, train number, destination, status (All Aboard, 20 minutes late, etc), which track, and comments. For a smaller, single track station like North Branch, the info give you train #, destination, single track, time, comments.

The service isn't available for all stations yet, but it gives an interesting view, and it looks like a great addition.

I zipped around, and saw info for North Branch, New Providence, Morristown, Glen Rock Main, and Newark Penn.

As of 1230, A141 to Washington was leaving immediately, A172 to Boston was 3 hours late, A184 to NY was 135 late.

The application is a servlet driven from the station selector. If you go to NJ Transit's new homepage, select rider guide, select rail, then select a station, you'll see a page with detailed info on the station, parking, map, etc. DepartureVision is in the upper right. Not all stations are hooked up yet.


Date: 02/26/10 14:13
Re: NJ Transit: Departure Vision status board for NJT
Author: Lackawanna484

Updating this message, Amtrak is no longer listed on the Departure Vision for Newark's Penn Station.

I wonder if they became irritated when the Departure Vision status (what was shown on the board in the station) differed so much from their own published Amtrak status? I noticed a number of significant ( ATK = 25 minutes, DV = 90 minutes) deviations in reported arrival / departure times.

Fundamentally, a late train is late.

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