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Date: 11/06/12 15:26
"Right Road, Wrong Train..."
Author: aussiehinz

OK, it's the ONLY long distance train, so I guess it will pass. With three ex Milwaukee Road PV's and "Dagny Taggart," an ex NYC Budd-built Observation ("Singing Brook") along for the ride, Amtrak #7, the "Empire Builder," was the westbound "train to watch" from Chicago today. Here, at Healy Station on the former Milwaukee Road main line, the orange and maroon cars were right at home, even if they were attached to the rear of a train that was traditionally foreign to these rails. On this dark, rainy Election Day afternoon, I had planned to catch the "Builder" at Western Ave, where a little less speed and a broader view would prevail, but got caught in some traffic and had to pick it off at Healy. Please excuse the photo quality; I did what I could with 65 mph, steady drizzle, and a very dark sky.



1. AMTK #7 at Healy (Chicago) IL, 2:41 pm (16 minutes late), November 6, 2012

2. PV's on rear of #7 at Healy (Chicago) IL, November 6, 2012

3. Earlier this morning, before the rains came, a view of "Dagny Taggart" in the 14th Street Maintenance Facility, November 6, 2012

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Date: 11/06/12 16:24
Re: "Right Road, Wrong Train..."
Author: coaststarlight99

In your first photo, the Amtrak 114 used to be part of the "west coast" pool of engines, and it was assigned to the Coast Starlight. I've taken two Starlight trips where that unit was pulling my train.

Date: 11/06/12 17:16
Re: "Right Road, Wrong Train..."
Author: kevink

Ironically, I had another fun day at the office today on account of the Healy station.... Apparently, there are no simple projects anymore!

Date: 11/06/12 23:31
Re: "Right Road, Wrong Train..."
Author: Amtrak288

Mark, I had the privilege of actually touring the "Dagny Taggart" in 1998 and have a picture laying around somewhere of myself sitting in one of the lounge chairs in it. That car is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I remember the dining room style table in the center of the car was made out of solid marble!!! The car was on the end of a special Amtrak Excursion Train run in conjuction with the Western NY Railway Historical Society from Buffalo to Corning, NY to see the Corning Glass Works! I remember the trip like it was yesterday as I was one of the staff people on that train! The car was previously owned by Joseph Goodell who was the former owner of a company called "American Brass". He has since passed away and the car has since been sold. The new owner I think, is moving the car to California though I'm not 100% sure. Glad to see photos of it here! I got a couple pix of it as it was on the end of Train #64, the Maple Leaf heading to Albany, NY last week!

Date: 11/07/12 01:10
Re: "Right Road, Wrong Train..."
Author: poffcapt

The Dagny Taggart (from Atlas Shrugged) is a bedroom-observation-buffet car built for NYC in the 1940s. Goodell bought it in 1989.

Date: 11/07/12 03:25
Re: "Right Road, Wrong Train..."
Author: bandob

Nice to see them on their way home. thanks for the post.


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