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Date: 11/11/12 15:13
"Sunday Morning @ 'MH' Tower..."
Author: aussiehinz

Sunday mornings are pretty "laid back" here at "MH." Without the barrage of inbound Metra rush hour trains, and the near constant switching that supports it, the typical, frenzied, weekday level of activity is noticably absent. Accordingly, I like to look for some of the regular Amtrak schedules, and also try to capture the turning of the arriving "Capitol" and Lake Shore Limited" consists at various spots, with the confidence that they will not be "blocked out" by the frequent Metra movements. Today, a couple of PV's thrown into the mix, along with the miscellaneous freight moves, made for another interesting am here at the "tower." Here are a few images taken today...



1. Amtrak #380, the eastbound "Illinois Zephyr," arrives from Quincy ahead of schedule, at 10:22 am CST.

2. Amtrak #29, the "Capitol Limited" backs its consist out from Union Station to turn in a view from the Canal Street overpass.

3. Amtrak #371, the "Pere Marquette," glides under 18th Street on the last mile into Chicago Union Station at 10:38 am CST, while turning #29 waits in the distance.

Date: 11/11/12 15:14
Re: "Sunday Morning @ 'MH' Tower..."
Author: aussiehinz

4. Amtrak #51, with ex ATSF PV's #56 and #1389, turn at "MH" in a view from ground level.

5. Amtrak #49 is in the process of turning its consist in front of "MH" in a view from the 26th Street ramp to the Canal Street overpass.

6. Amtrak #49 pulls south across the South Branch Bridge, through 21st Street Interlocking, and under the CTA Oraange Line as it prepares to back north through the wash track.

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Date: 11/11/12 20:07
Re: "Sunday Morning @ 'MH' Tower..."
Author: The_Chief_Way

great work
thanks, MH

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