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Passenger Trains > 12-year old shoots at Rail Runner (New Mexico)

Date: 06/13/15 16:27
12-year old shoots at Rail Runner (New Mexico)
Author: Cumbresfan

A 12-year old was taken into custody by Bureau of Indian Affairs officers after shooting the cab-car engineer's window 6:30 Friday evening. The Rail Runner incident happened at the Kewa (Santo Domingo) station. Only the outer pane shattered and the engineer   was not injured. Originally the gun was said to be a rifle but later it was identified as a BB-gun. Federal charges are pending.

(Note: Differing reports have the engineer in the cab car heading north, or in the engine heading south. Different stations; different reports.)


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Date: 06/14/15 04:31
Re: 12-year old shoots at Rail Runner (New Mexico)
Author: Narr8rdanny

So... a kid shattered a locomotive window with a Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun? Possibly it was a pellet gun mis-identified in the copy. I'm thinking there are yet unreported details in this story.

Danny Harmon

Date: 06/14/15 04:33
Re: 12-year old shoots at Rail Runner (New Mexico)
Author: jkh2cpu

By the time that boys are 12, they have learned not to point
their bb-guns at windows. My 8 year old brother lost his after
10 minutes... not for peppering me, but for shooting out the
neighbor's window... It was probably my fault: I learned to


Date: 06/15/15 20:42
Re: 12-year old shoots at Rail Runner (New Mexico)
Author: Lurch_in_ABQ

Continuing with Train 188 hypothesizing, I think the subject projectile was either a ChiCom RPG or a flint-tipped arrow guided and stabilized by a system of turkey feather fletching.

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