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Passenger Trains > Empire Builder 7(15) was stuck...

Date: 03/17/17 17:00
Empire Builder 7(15) was stuck...
Author: GenePoon

...behind a rockslide in the Kootenai River Canyon.

Plan A:  Charter buses.

Didn't work.  No buses available, local activities had them all reserved already.

Plan B: Sit and wait for open track.  When 7(15) finally got underway it had lost 14 hours.
It is currently at track speed west of Spokane, 14 hours late.  27(17) is at 13 mph,
having just departed Spokane.

8(17) and 28(17) appear to be annulled.  No availability on Amtrak.com.

Date: 03/17/17 17:19
Re: Empire Builder 7(15) was stuck...
Author: ProAmtrak

I bet they're both still running, at least it wasn't as bad compared to what happened to No. 8 a few weeks ago!

Date: 03/17/17 17:25
Re: Empire Builder 7(15) was stuck...
Author: TCnR

Line opened this morning.

Tthat's a lot of people to leave out in the woods somewhere. There should be concern whether they had adequate food and other supplies to wait it out.

Date: 03/17/17 22:53
Re: Empire Builder 7(15) was stuck...
Author: GenePoon

7(16) appears to have terminated at Whitefish.  It arrived essentially on time and
Track-A-Train has put it there for nearly two hours, now.  Availability for Train 8(17)
now appears at stations from Whitefish east, which would be the case if the consist
is being turned at Whitefish to a stub 8(17). But Train Status shows 7(16) departed
Whitefish after a 45 minute stop, and availability does show for 7(16) and 27(18) for
stations west of Spokane, WA.

Buses, perhaps?

We'll find out in the morning. I don't feel like waking people up to ask!

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