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Date: 03/18/17 14:24
Empire Builders - Half Day Late
Author: jp1822

I see that the Eastbound Empire Builders are all operating a half day late (or more). Should be interesting, as now you get to see what you'd normally see in the a day time and vice versa. It's winter and they are just getting pounded. Both trains left Seattle/Portaland close to 4 am in the morning, as opposed to 4:45 pm. I do give some credit to Amtrak for keeping things moving. They could have very easily just thrown up their hands and cancelled service, but they kept on tryiing to keep service running. They'll get caught up once back to Chicago (or a swap a train set and have it run as the Empire Builder). Sounds like they couldn't even get buses out of Whitefish to help things along on the #8/28 that was supposed to depart on the 17th of March, but instead departed in the early morning of the 18th. Kudos to Amtrak for keeping things running! 

Date: 03/18/17 15:32
Re: Empire Builders - Half Day Late
Author: GenePoon

With this kind of lateness, I hope Amtrak has provisions for extra OBS crews to take over
a trip.  The OBS crew on #8 are scheduled to turn to #7(19) and will have pitifully
little rest time.

Date: 03/18/17 17:45
Re: Empire Builders - Half Day Late
Author: ProAmtrak

Not good!

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Date: 03/20/17 09:49
Re: Empire Builders - Half Day Late
Author: ColdRainAndSnow

So what is with the #8 that is in the Williston area, a stop normally done in the evening? Trainset for 7(20) gonna be stitched together in the yard today at Chicago? 

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