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Date: 03/20/17 09:38
"Senior Director Total Rewards & Wellness"
Author: Lurch_in_ABQ

CLICK for job posting.
 "This role has policy oversight and interpretation of other employee fringe benefits and is responsible for designing and implementing fiscally sound compensation structures and pay-for- performance plans (including merit pay, short and long-term incentives, and discretionary bonus plans) that will effectively recognize and differentiate performance while attracting and retaining talent. Will evaluate executive compensation using established compensation survey tools and practices and recommends pay solutions when internal parity or non-competitive pay situations exist.   Responsibility also includes the overall management and delivery of the compensation component of the performance management/pay-for-performance approach and business processes for non-agreement employees, including performance management design, program evaluation, business processes, compensation systems, and communications. Will serve in a chief benefits administrator capacity on corporate benefits and governance committees and work collaboratively with Finance, Corporate Communications, Labor Relations, IT and Human Resource Management CoE teams to deploy total rewards and wellness programs on an enterprise-wide level......."
But wait, there's more!
CLICK for Amtrak job posting.

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Date: 03/20/17 10:13
Re: "Senior Director Total Rewards & Wellness"
Author: LiveWire2

It this supposed to be railroad related? The link requires a login.

Date: 03/20/17 10:42
Re: "Senior Director Total Rewards & Wellness"
Author: PC1974

Quote: "railroad related"...

Exactly! A government agency calling itself a railroad.

Date: 03/20/17 10:46
Re: "Senior Director Total Rewards & Wellness"
Author: ts1457

A few decades ago, people would be scratching their heads if they had seen such a job title.

Date: 03/20/17 11:40
Re: "Senior Director Total Rewards & Wellness"
Author: Lackawanna484

"Pay for performance" is a current management mantra. It doesn't always apply to the CEO, however.

Date: 03/20/17 17:07
Re: "Senior Director Total Rewards & Wellness"
Author: jlcKS

My daughter is in HR.   She tells me this a fancy way of wanting someone who want to work with executive pay and benefits that the hiring people can blame if some thing goes wrong in what is offered.    Lots of companies are going with this model so they have that faceless person in the loop.

Date: 03/21/17 04:57
Re: "Senior Director Total Rewards & Wellness"
Author: sums007

Sounds like a crock of baloney to me.  Just my .02

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