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Date: 12/06/18 18:08
Riding Sacramento light rail tips
Author: brc600

I'm in the Great Plains and want to visit (move?) to Sacramento. I have not heard much about their light rail. Who on Trainorders has ridden it? Any best time of day/year to see it? Is it safe? Thanks!

Date: 12/06/18 18:19
Re: Riding Sacramento light rail tips
Author: icancmp193

Doesn't have the best reputation but allegedly trying to improve.


Date: 12/06/18 19:04
Re: Riding Sacramento light rail tips
Author: bridge22-0196

I (77 year old female) ride it all the time during the day and no problems so far.   (Of course I'm used to public transit and can ignore things that might bother inexperienced riders).   I use the   Gold Line from Amtrak out toward Folsom and  Blue line from downtown out to Watt/I-80.   I can't speak to how things are  at night, or on the south end of the Blue Line.    One thing I've noticed the past year  is the increase in security guards onboard,  and on how often RT personnel check that everyone has a valid ticket to ride--at least mid-day when the trains aren't SRO with commuters.  That happens on almost every trip I take now.

One complaint I do have is the condition of the station, especially the elevators,  at the Watt/I-80 station (terminal at north end of the Blue Line).   Cesspools.

The Blue Line -- at least from downtown to the north area,   does not have much within walking distance of its stations (you have to get on a bus to go further),  whereas the Gold Line has stations close to shopping areas and of course old town Folsom.


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Date: 12/06/18 19:38
Re: Riding Sacramento light rail tips
Author: Mudrock

I have ridden all of Sacramento  Light Rail and enjoyed it all.


Date: 12/06/18 19:41
Re: Riding Sacramento light rail tips
Author: jdw3460

I visited Sacramento in 2017 (May) and stayed in a hotel right across from the Amtrak station and the railroad museum.  While there, I rode the light rail line from Amtrak all the way across town to Folsom and back.  I enjoyed the ride and the urban sights and you always see interesting people of all kinds on public transportation.  I also took Uber downtown and walked back a mile or two.  All daytime and no problems at all.  I flew in from Seattle and took the CZ to Chicago.

Date: 12/07/18 06:38
Re: Riding Sacramento light rail tips
Author: raillady

I agree with Bridge 22 as I have used it [along with SacRT buses] since light rail inception.  I take the Folsom/Sunrise route every day to work in West Sacramento, and it is rarely a problem.  I think I would recommend the Folsom/Sunrise over the Watt-I80....different clientele!  The light rail going to Consumnes River College [board at 16th Street if you are downtown] is an interestIng route to take.

Raillady - West Sacramento

Date: 12/07/18 07:03
Re: Riding Sacramento light rail tips
Author: Spikes

Move to Rancho Cordova or near American River College or north. North Sac is nice . Nice river. I grew up there. Busy massive town today. Rail museum is world renowned. Roseville has UP facilities. Freeways are impacted by growth. Summer is near 100, winter near 50. Air generally ok, better than SoCal LA.

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Date: 12/07/18 08:27
Re: Riding Sacramento light rail tips
Author: TiBike

I've had good experiences on it too. Nice option for getting around.

You can get two free transfers when the conductor lifts your ticket on the Capitol Corridor, good for Sacramento light rail and a bunch of other transit agencies along the route (not BART or Caltrain, though).

Date: 12/07/18 15:56
Re: Riding Sacramento light rail tips
Author: KM-ML4000

Starts in nowhere, and goes to the state capital. It is a fun ride, but will not take anyplace exciting or useful, unless it is around the state capital.

Date: 12/07/18 21:28
Re: Riding Sacramento light rail tips
Author: JimBaker

Possible extension to Sac Airport is in the future and the West Sacramento trolley is going through teething problems.

James R.(Jim) Baker
Whittier, CA

Date: 12/21/18 20:39
Re: Riding Sacramento light rail tips
Author: SanDiegan

Lived in "Sac" for years. Never used "Fright Rail," because it doesn't go anywhere useful besides the state office buildings downtown. It doesn't serve Midtown and other popular neighborhoods. Most people walk, ride a bike or drive everywhere. The transit system is less than medicore.

Date: 12/23/18 19:37
Re: Riding Sacramento light rail tips
Author: casco17

I've ridden it a few times when visiting Sacramento.  The route out to Folsom is the most interesting; the route that heads south to the College, which parallels the ex-WP for a while, looked least appealing (lots of graffiti along the r-o-w).  Never saw any mean passengers, though a person once tried to "sell" me a ticket while I was using a ticket machine.  The line north/northeast to Watt/I-80 parallels the ex-SP Overland Route for a short stretch; there is a maintenance facility with a wigwag.

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