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Date: 02/11/19 06:48
NJ Transit elevator, escalator question
Author: Lackawanna484

NJ Transit has several elevators and escalators out of service, and has posted notices.  Rahway (eastbound), New Brunswick (westbound), Secaucus (for six weeks), are currently llisted. One escalator at NY Penn to tracks 1/2 is out of service, but I would guess that's part of Amtrak's bailiwick.  Amtrak has had enormous issues with its ancient escelators, historical designation, low ceilings, etc.  Linden's handicap ramp is out of service,too

The usual practice directs the user to take a train in the opposite direction, cross over, and take another train in the originally desired direction. That could be a problem if you followed the direction at Rahway, took a train to the next station (Linden) and found that access out of service, too.

So, has NJ Transit lost  station maintenance teams, along with the deep cutbacks in operating and shops people?

Date: 02/15/19 12:00
Re: NJ Transit elevator, escalator question
Author: Lackawanna484

Rahway elevator has been returned to service, the others apparently not.

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