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Passenger Trains > 365(11) Poster Child - Indiana Gateway

Date: 02/11/19 14:50
365(11) Poster Child - Indiana Gateway
Author: PC1974

* Train 365 of 02/11/2019.
* +---------------- Station Code
* | +----------- Schedule Arrival Day
* | | +-------- Schedule Arrival Time
* | | | +----- Schedule Departure Day
* | | | | +-- Schedule Departure Time
* | | | | | +------------- Actual Arrival Time
* | | | | | | +------- Actual Departure Time
* | | | | | | | +- Comments
* V V V V V V V V
* PTH * * 1 620A * 620A Departed: On time.
* LPE * * 1 706A * 706A Departed: On time.
* FLN * * 1 732A * 800A Departed: 28 minutes late.
* DRD * * 1 804A * 823A Departed: 19 minutes late.
* LNS * * 1 845A * 906A Departed: 21 minutes late.
* BTL 1 947A 1 952A 1024A 1029A Arrived: 37 minutes late. | Departed: 37 minutes late.
* KAL * * 1 1019A * 1056A Departed: 37 minutes late.
* DOA * * 1 1049A * 1131A Departed: 42 minutes late.
* NLS * * 1 1104A * 1144A Departed: 40 minutes late.
* NBU * * 1 1124A * 1208P Departed: 44 minutes late.
CHI 1 1145A * * 0152P * Arrived: 2 hours, 7 civilized minutes late.

Following press release from Amtrak highlights the Chicago Detroit Service:
From the press release: "This continues the improvement of state-owned railroad infrastructure as part of Michigan’s Accelerated Rail Program and will result in improved reliability and a smoother ride for customers, along with an expansion of the Midwest’s first 110 mph Amtrak service."

Just in case Amtrak tries to delete it, here's a link to a copy of Marc Magliari's "blowing smoke up your arse" press release...

Date: 02/11/19 16:27
Re: 365(11) Poster Child - Indiana Gateway
Author: mundo

I am not defending Amtrak or Marc M, but these are OLD news releases,  seem poor example to use.

Need something more current to build a case.

Date: 02/11/19 16:45
Re: 365(11) Poster Child - Indiana Gateway
Author: Englewood

When the NS gets the Englewood Flyover built everything will get better.


“Chicago has been the rail hub of our nation for more than a century, yet for too long this area was plagued
with freight congestion and bottlenecks that hurt productivity and rippled across the system.
I’m proud to have played a role securing the funding needed to unsnarl the bottleneck and make the
Englewood flyover a reality,” said Sen. Dick Durbin. “Today we’re here to celebrate a project completed
with more than 90 percent federal funds that will bring improved Metra and Amtrak service, more efficient freight
movement, and economic developments for today and the future.”

“We have been looking forward to this day for a long time,”
said Wick Moorman, chairman and CEO of Norfolk Southern. “It’s impossible to overstate the positive impact this project
will have on Norfolk Southern’s service, along with Amtrak’s and Metra’s. Not only will this project eliminate many hours in
freight and passenger train delays daily
, but it frees up additional capacity for all of us to continue to grow our business.”

“Fourteen daily Amtrak trains to and from Chicago have faced delays at this location that are felt in Michigan, Indiana and all the way
to the East Coast,” said Tom Carper, Amtrak board member and past chairman. “Delays drive up cost and hold-down ridership,
so CREATE projects such as this one are truly of national importance and big wins for
Amtrak passengers, Metra commuters and the freight railroads, too."

“The completion of the Englewood flyover means improvement in the quality of life for area residents,” said U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski.
The benefits include fewer delays for Metra and Amtrak users, fewer delays for area drivers, better air quality, a reduction in noise
from idling trains, and an overall improvement in safety.  I am committed to seeing the rest of the much-needed CREATE projects through to completion.” 

“The Englewood flyover will ease congestion through this busy rail area, an essential step in maintaining Cook County’s
position as the critical intersection for the transportation network that serves America,” said Cook County Board President
Toni Preckwinkle.
 “Unclogging the rails is an important step in ensuring a smooth running transportation system,
which in turn will lead to economic growth for our entire region.”


"In addition, an agreement between IDOT, NS and Amtrak lays the groundwork for an
additional express track for high-speed trains to points west and south.
Amtrak uses the NS line for all trains from Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Indianapolis into Chicago." 

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Date: 02/11/19 21:25
Re: 365(11) Poster Child - Indiana Gateway
Author: justalurker66

Every other Michigan train on the 11th did better. most lost less than 10 minutes between the Michigan state line and Chicago.

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