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Date: 03/15/19 14:48
FL: Travelers respond to BrightLine survey
Author: Lackawanna484

Although BrightLine doesn't see itself as a commuter service, many local travelers would give up a lot to avoid Florida's legendary traffic jams.  Fee-based express lanes on I-95 are available, and many people use them.  But there are monumental traffic jams even without accidents, construction, etc.Five hundred commuters who took part in a recent Brightline survey about traffic congestion were quizzed about trading some of their favorite things — alcohol, watching Netflix and, um, sex — to avoid sitting in mind-numbing traffic.The survey reported that 48 percent of passengers would ditch alcohol, 29 percent would abandon Netflix and 22 percent would go celibate “if it meant never having to sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic again.”
Link - avoid highway congestion

Date: 03/15/19 16:25
Re: FL: Travelers respond to BrightLine survey
Author: CPR_4000

If that question is typical, this sounds like a pretty frivolous survey. Bottom line ... how many said they'd ditch their cars for Brightline?

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