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Date: 06/11/19 21:26
A warm day on Muni
Author: wpamtk

Wanted to do some railfanning but everywhere in NorCal was bloody hot, so decided to go to San Francisco (where temperatures in the 70s were forecast) to shoot the Municipal Railway's vintage fleet. I don't know what the temperature ended up being (one source said 93, although I'm not sure I believe it), but it was sure well above the 70s. 
1. Making the turn at the Ferry Building is the "Pacific Electric" car, with the former Southern Pacific General Office in the background.
2. The "Dallas" PCC at the end of the F Line at Fishermans' Wharf. 
3. Two Muni "torpedoes" (double-ended PCCs) meet on the Embarcadero "E LIne," on track that didn't exist when they retired from regular service. 

Date: 06/11/19 23:28
Re: A warm day on Muni
Author: norm1153

According to some weather reports, it hit 100 and shattered the record.

Date: 06/12/19 09:56
Re: A warm day on Muni
Author: Zephyr

89 degrees in downtown San Francisco on June 11.  Record shattered on June 10 with a high of 97!  

Date: 06/12/19 12:50
Re: A warm day on Muni
Author: PHall

Amd many houses in San Francisco don't have air conditioning. They usually don't need it.

Date: 06/12/19 18:43
Re: A warm day on Muni
Author: wpamtk

I guess it goes without saying that those PCCs don't have air-conditioning either. To head back from 4th & King to Market St., we hopped on a brand-new, air-conditioned Siemens LRV,  which managed to break down halfway there. Fortunately, the A/C in my East Bay home was humming away when I finally got there!  

Date: 06/12/19 20:19
Re: A warm day on Muni
Author: NFO

Notice the windows are all open... as much as they can. 

Date: 06/12/19 23:32
Re: A warm day on Muni
Author: wa4umr

20-20 air conditioning on those.  20 windows open and 20 miles per hour.

 I remember when I was a kid in the 50s and 60s.  Riding a non-airconditioned bus with all of the windows open, it was not all that bad.  Of course, I guess it's a matter of what you are used to.  We didn't have air conditioning in our home either.  In recent years, I have been tent camping in some pretty warm weather.  Not comfortable but I managed to tolerate it, at least until it cooled down during the night.


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