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Passenger Trains > Pennsylvanians today and OTD; redone

Date: 07/18/19 19:02
Pennsylvanians today and OTD; redone
Author: mp109

Chemo was over early, so we went to Lucknow Road again. 
1.  No. 42 was very late. This picture was taken at 2:18. They almost had a meet with no. 43 in Harrisburg! Amtrak time 
     keeping has deteriorated badly under PSR. The Pennsylvanians used to have good on-time record, some months at or 
     close to 100%!  
2.  No. 43 also got late further west. 
3.  "On this day" in 2012, no 43 made an interesting reflection in the puddle left by a recent rain storm. 

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