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Passenger Trains > FL: Possible new BrightLine stations

Date: 08/12/19 06:07
FL: Possible new BrightLine stations
Author: Lackawanna484

Sun-Sentinel has an article this morning with BrightLine / Virgin Trains' view of possible new stations.  The only surprise to me is the addition of Aventura to the list.  Aventura is a very high end Miami suburb, known for its exclusive mall.  Boca Raton, in far southern Palm Beach County, and Port Miami are the others on the list.

The article lays out a slightly changing business plan for BrightLine.  While the completion to Orlando remains job 1, fill in stations in places with lots of wealth and tourism won't be ignored.  That ties back to Flort Lauderdale airport, where the FEC / BrightLine passes under the runways


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