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Date: 09/06/19 18:16
Amtrak switcher #795
Author: Ntrainfan

Hello everyone, I am planning to do a rough copy of Amtrak's EMD switcher 795 (or something similar) during its last days in Los Angeles for my N scale model railroad.
Here's the prototype https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,1001193,1001413#msg-1001413

I have a few questions:
What is a more appropriate body shell-an NW2 or SW7? I am not a "rivet counter" for this project but the manufacturer I have in mind will be offering both types of body shells, (with sound!) so I was wondering which would more closely represent it, or other similar Amtrak end-cab switchers.
Also, from photos it is hard to tell if the prototype's base paint is actually a metallic silver (weathered over the years) or if it is a very light gray. Which color would be more realistic?
I would be also interested if anyone has insight to what became of this locomotive-I realize the days of old end-cab switchers at LA Union Station are probably history, but I was wondering if this locomotive will be used elsewhere, and what other stations/maintenance facilities that Amtrak still uses these end cab switchers. I do recall seeing some at Washington, DC Union Station a few years ago.
Thanks to everyone in advance for your input and suggestions!

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Date: 09/06/19 20:06
Re: Amtrak switcher #795
Author: CPR_4000

Start with an SW, not an NW. If it has two stacks, remove the one closest to the cab. Not sure about the color ... Amtrak "platinum mist" was metallic IIRC, but the engine in your photo does look gray.

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Date: 09/06/19 20:56
Re: Amtrak switcher #795
Author: px320

When I painted my Private Car Pony Express I wanted it to match Amtrak's Platinum Mist. I found a duPont color called Pewter Gray Metallic. It mimicked stainless steel which is what I wanted.

Date: 09/07/19 07:58
Re: Amtrak switcher #795
Author: Dewman45

Amtk 795 is a SW1000 built 11/54 as MILW 707 renumberd to 1212 then SOO 1212 and now AMTK 795 it was rebuilt at sometime to a SW1000R. You can go to railpicturearchives.com for more information and photos. Good luck with your modeling project.

Date: 09/07/19 13:58
Re: Amtrak switcher #795
Author: miralomarail

Here is a photo I took of the 795 at Amtrak's 8th street yard  March 15th 1995 

Tom Hirsch
Cherry Valley, Ca

Date: 09/07/19 14:49
Re: Amtrak switcher #795
Author: Ntrainfan

Thanks so much to everyone for all the information and photos! It looks like the main alterations from a modeler's standpoint are full-length handrails, a single square exhaust stack base, sun visors, and some interesting plumbing above the fuel tank. I look forward to this project!

Date: 09/09/19 22:53
Re: Amtrak switcher #795
Author: wpamtk

Please don't confuse this with an actual EMD SW1000, which looks considerably different. This designation was used by the rebuild company that supplied ten of these units to Amtrak, but they were all made from various older EMD switchers. We had the 796 in Oakland for several years, and it had apparently been rebuilt from the remains of a Montour Railroad SW9 (or the frame anyway). There was probably a lot of parts-swapping going on. 

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