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Date: 10/05/19 07:29
NJT Heritage Locomotives
Author: bioyans

Surprised this hasn't been mentioned previously, but NJT has been quietly creating several "heritage" locomotives as a celebration of their 40th anniversary.

So far, I have seen teaser photos of a PRR ALP46, what appears to be an EL ALP45DP, and ... for the ultimate in heritage ... a GP40P repainted into full CNJ blue and yellow.

Sources are indicating there is (supposedly) an NJT employee picnic today, where the locomotives may be officially unveiled.

Keep your eyes open ...

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Date: 10/05/19 08:18
Re: NJT Heritage Locomotives
Author: chess

Today is Family Day at the MMC( Meadowlands Maintenance Center, the major repair facility for NJT). An event that is held every fall with quite a variety of equipment on display. I certainly hope a GP40 gets the EL paint as well. Another thing, the GP 40 painted in CNJ colors is the 4109, which has been used as a yard engine for at least 2 years. The HEP capability was removed, so I'm pretty sure this engine will remain in the yard. Why not repaint the ones that will be out on the road?

Date: 10/05/19 11:36
Re: NJT Heritage Locomotives
Author: emd_mrs1

A number of photos are making the rounds on FaceBook. The equipment looks really good IN EL, PRR and CNJ blue paint..


Date: 10/05/19 13:12
Re: NJT Heritage Locomotives
Author: Ohiorailfan

The ALP46's are wraps and you can tell. Very sharp, but the GP40 is by far the best of the 3

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Date: 10/05/19 13:39
Re: NJT Heritage Locomotives
Author: chess

I was wrong about the 4109. It still has HEP capability, however a few things need to be fixed before it can be used on passenger trains again.

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