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Date: 10/09/19 17:10
CTA Skokie Shops
Author: filmteknik

What is the history of this facility? Isn’t it on the Yellow Line which is the former North Shore? So was it the CNS&M shops originally? I can’t imagine CTA / CSL putting their facility on another railroad.

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Date: 10/09/19 17:19
Re: CTA Skokie Shops
Author: Alco251

North Shore shops were at Highwood, IL.

Date: 10/09/19 17:29
Re: CTA Skokie Shops
Author: UPRR_Westoakland

Date: 10/09/19 17:32
Re: CTA Skokie Shops
Author: kevink

https://www.chicago-l.org is an excellent resource for all things CTA. Specific to the Skokie Shops: https://www.chicago-l.org/operations/yards/skokieshops.html

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Date: 10/11/19 17:01
Re: CTA Skokie Shops
Author: DNRY122

Back in 1971, I got a guided tour of Skokie Shops.  At one point, the foreman who was showing me around stopped to chat with a colleague in the parts-store room.  I got out my camera, and some worker in ratty T-shirt carrying a handful of paper clips gives me a hard time.  My host turns around and says, "Hey, this man's our guest!" and comments "Gee, make that guy a third assistant parts clerk and he thinks he owns the place!"  Later during my tour, we went out in back where some of the 4000-class "L" cars were being scrapped.  I asked, "Is it OK to take pictures here?" and he says, "Sure, go ahead.  It will let everyone know we're getting rid of the old clunkers."
Photos from my Sept. 1971 visit:
1)  New 2300-class cars awaiting preparation for service.  Now some of these at at Illinois Ry. Museum.
2)  My first time in the cab of a Baldwin Westinghouse freight motor.  Taken by my host.
3)   The boneyard behind Skokie Shops.

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