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Date: 11/07/19 18:02
Pennsy 7127 "Martha Washigton"
Author: bilevel400

Hello List, 
Back on 08/03/17 the former PRR # 7127 "Martha Washington", was badly burned by vandals in East Hanover,NJ. There was another car involved in this crime scene, and I am wondering what ever became of this car? This car was built for Pennsy's all Budd streamlined "Congressional" as one of a group of blunt end observation cars. Can anyone on TO explain what became of this car, re-built? scrapped? Lastly, did anyone ID the information on the other car involved in this aweful event? Thank you in advance.

Date: 11/07/19 19:10
Re: Pennsy 7127 "Martha Washigton"
Author: dan

scrapped I beleive

Date: 11/08/19 05:23
Re: Pennsy 7127 "Martha Washigton"
Author: rwullich

The 10-6 was the A. Phillip Randolph. It was the former CB&Q Silver Meadow built by Budd in 1952. It was a former Amtrak Heritage Fleet sleeper.

The other car was the ex-PRR Martha Washington, one of two blunt-end parlor observation cars that had 14 parlor seats, a telephone room, bar, and observation lounge. It was buit by Budd in 1950. The car was never in Amtrak service.

Date: 11/08/19 06:44
Re: Pennsy 7127 "Martha Washigton"
Author: Topfuel

Both of these cars were scrapped fairly quickly in the Wippany, NJ area after the fire.  They were both a total loss, though the trucks and some other misc components were saved.  A sad loss of two fine cars.

Date: 11/08/19 13:09
Re: Pennsy 7127 "Martha Washigton"
Author: jberlin

Photos of the A. Phillip Randolph in better days.

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