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Date: 11/10/19 10:46
Fenelon Place Elevator (Iowa)
Author: cchan006

Fans of Angel's Flight in Los Angeles should enjoy this furnicular in Dubuque, with an excellent view of Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and the Mississippi River.

I visited and rode this "shortest and steepest railroad" while playing tourist on my first full day in the Tri-State area. I used it again the next day to get an elevated view of a westbound CN grain train entering the yard as it crossed the Mississippi, so it played an additional railfan role during my visit.

In the video, you can hear the K5HL horn of a northbound CP train, running on the western side of the Mississippi.

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Date: 11/10/19 10:59
Re: Fenelon Place Elevator (Iowa)
Author: cchan006

While the Fenelon Place Elevator started running in 1882, it was rebuilt in 1893 after several fires, and that's the version that is running today.

- Looking SE toward the Mississippi River.
- Dubuque Rail Bridge across the Mississippi.
- Older transportation modes vs. a Lexus.

That's all folks.

Date: 11/10/19 13:34
Re: Fenelon Place Elevator (Iowa)
Author: gbmott

Fun!  Thanks for posting this as I was completely unaware of it.  There were once many more of these than exist today.  The two in Pittsburgh are worth riding.


Date: 11/11/19 00:08
Re: Fenelon Place Elevator (Iowa)
Author: GP25

That is a rare find.I never knew about this Elevator.

We just need Mr Murdock to go and try this out now.

Jerry Martin
Los Angeles, CA
Central Coast Railroad Festival

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