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Date: 02/14/20 05:51
Galesburg, Ill Question
Author: CameronConnection

I know Eastbound passengers leaving from Galesburg typically can only board the SW Chief (but not the California Zephyr).   Do they make an exception (and let you ride the California Zephyr) if the Southwest Chief is really late and the CZ relatively on time?

Asking for today when the Southwest Chief appears to be at least 5 hours late.

Date: 02/14/20 05:52
Re: Galesburg, Ill Question
Author: MILW86A

Ask the agent in Galesburg. He or she should tell you.


Date: 02/14/20 09:44
Re: Galesburg, Ill Question
Author: Englewood

Let us know what you find out.  Thanks.

Date: 02/14/20 10:19
Re: Galesburg, Ill Question
Author: CameronConnection

GBB station agent said no dice.
I was asking for a friend as I'm not in Galesburg, but I feel like I did this a few years ago (boarded the eastbound Zephyr with a ticket from the Chief).   It seems like if you have a connection (i.e. Capital), they should definitely let you.  Anyone else's (even dated) experience or insight would be appreciated. 

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Date: 02/14/20 11:24
Re: Galesburg, Ill Question
Author: Spongebob-Trainguy

I thought they did make such an allowence under some conditions, but I haven't checked in many months.

Date: 02/14/20 13:58
Re: Galesburg, Ill Question
Author: mundo

Yes, they do allow using #6, when #4 is late.

Course #6 is not a good timekeeper.

From time to time, its posted on the Amtrak Alerts.

Date: 02/14/20 18:15
Re: Galesburg, Ill Question
Author: AndyBrown

I'm not too impressed with the agent(s) at Galesburg (we've gotten wrong information from the lady at Ft. Madison too); I'd say the better bet would be to just get on the train and talk to the conductor.  I've done this in the past and it wasn't a problem, but we always use Princeton where there is no agent.


Date: 02/14/20 21:08
Re: Galesburg, Ill Question
Author: mundo

I had a problem with Galesburg Agents when waiting several hours.   It was raining,  asked about food servce near-by, no dice.
later found that a block or so away was some food, and a delivery.

Customer tripped on geting off a thruway bus and agent was standing right at station door and saw it all.  Would not come out to assist.

Got no where in writing it up.


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