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Date: 03/19/20 11:30
Double Heritage Builder & Reduced Hiawatha Service
Author: sethamtrak

1. Amtrak 7 with the 156 and 184 in the lead throttle up out of Glenview.

2.5 Amtrak 8 whips through Glenview at 79mph as there were no passengers detraining and it being a D (discharge stop only) 

2. Amtrak 337 departs Glenview after boarding just a single passenger. Notice it is one coach short but still has the dinette. 

3. Amtrak 338 meets Metra 2123 as it passes through Morton Grove Station. P42 72 leads as the cabbage that was on the south end was bad-ordered and had to be replaced a few days ago. (I find it strange that the cabbages break down almost as much if not more than the chargers). Also the charger/P42 lost MU communications with each other so onlyone loco is used at a time. 

The above videos were shot on 3/18/20.

Today 3/19/20:
329/330/331/332/337/338/339/342 will run. 333/336/340/341 cancelled.

Friday 3/20/20:
329/330/331/332/337/338/339/342 will run. 333/336/340/341 cancelled.  

Saturday 3/21/20 and beyond
7&27/339, 332/8&28



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