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Date: 12/16/01 18:49
Starlight at Dunsmuir
Author: photobob

Last fridays northbound Starlight spent a few hours waiting for a new crew. This view shows the train parked next to the spreader. The new snow shows just how deep a canyon that Dunsmuir sits in. The passengers were kept on the train after it was backed onto the drill track to let freights through.

Date: 12/16/01 18:54
RE: Starlight at Dunsmuir
Author: F40PHR231

Great shot Bob! Wish I had been on that train to go through Siskiyou Mountains and Dunsmuir at daylight and in SNOW! Why was it late into Dunsmuir anyway? More snow south of it?


Date: 12/16/01 18:54
Starlight at Dunsmuir Pt2
Author: photobob

This view is taken from the depot side. The Dunsmuir Railcam is located in the structure on the right.

Photobobs Website
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Date: 12/17/01 04:24
RE: Dunsmuir
Author: ge13031

Thanks for the walk around shots ... makes me more familiar with the area around the camera ... neat !

Date: 12/17/01 06:25
RE: Starlight at Dunsmuir
Author: FoxPub

Ain't a spreader, Bob, its a flanger. Need to check your glasses' prescription again and make them a bit stronger.... and I even saw it without my glasses. Dick Dorn's kids were brought up on flash cards of SP snow removal equipment.

Date: 12/17/01 07:57
Author: photobob

I called the flanger a spreader in the first photo and Wesley caught me on it. I actually know the difference but what little is left of my brain cells froze while in the darkroom yesterday.

Date: 12/17/01 09:54
RE: Flanger!!!
Author: HoosierVirg

First of all great photos as always, I got a close look at one of these as I got on the Zephyr on Dec. 1 at Truckee. It followed a late #5 up on Donner along with a freight during a good snowstorm. They all met #6 and needless to say there were delays. I had sent my kids,including new granddaughter, back to South Lake Tahoe because the weather was getting worse. It took them 2 1/2 hours to go the 40 miles back home. Enjoy the snow and get those great shots, have a good and safe day.

Date: 12/17/01 13:13
RE: Flanger!!!
Author: FoxPub

That's okay Bob, you're having a hellva start to winter. I bet you can't wait for Winterail.

Date: 12/17/01 13:28
Er... Siskiyou Mountains?
Author: BrianJennison

Don't you wish, Chris, don't you wish. We always called the mountains in the Dunsmuir area the Shastas. The Siskiyous are to the northwest and are served by CORP these days... there hasn't been any regularly scheduled passenger service to Ashland since, when, 1956?

Date: 12/17/01 18:08
RE: Er... Siskiyou Mountains?
Author: Plantman

Nice stuff Bob, wish I could say we were blessed with the white stuff in NY state, but we aren't...

Date: 12/17/01 19:29
spreader, flanger
Author: blair

Yo, Plantman, is there a Jordan spreader parked in Norwich NY?

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