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Date: 06/19/22 16:43
Happy Father’s Day
Author: atsf121

Friday was my last day of work for my now former employer of 24 years.  We were visiting my in-laws in Simi Valley for the week and I decided we needed donuts Friday to celebrate my last day.  As I was loading my youngest two in the car, we heard a train horn, so continuing a tradition of chasing trains that my Dad started with me when I was little, we hustled to the end of Yosemite and watched an LA bound Metrolink head towards the Santa Susana tunnel.  After grabbing donuts and groceries, I checked the Transit app and the next LA bound train was due in a few minutes.  We parked at Simi station and walked up to the platform to watch the train come in. The engineer gave the kids a friendly toot-toot on the horn and a big wave which they loved!  Wish I had a video of that, but snagged a photo of the dynamic duo as the train departed.  

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and father-figures out there, hope you had a nice day.  


Date: 06/19/22 17:18
Re: Happy Father’s Day
Author: MEKoch

Good looking boys, who need your fatherly guidance and touch!

Date: 06/19/22 18:08
Re: Happy Father’s Day
Author: RuleG

Very nice!  Thanks for sharing.

Date: 06/19/22 18:37
Re: Happy Father’s Day
Author: mp51w

That's cute!

Date: 06/19/22 18:50
Re: Happy Father’s Day
Author: Railbaron

That photo, along with the story, really brought a huge smile to my face - way to go, dad!!!

Date: 06/19/22 19:46
Re: Happy Father’s Day
Author: KimHeusel

Love this picture!

Kim Heusel

Date: 06/19/22 20:44
Re: Happy Father’s Day
Author: krm152

Thoughtful photo!  Hope your sons continue the train chasing tradition when they are adults.
Happy Fathers Day!

Date: 06/19/22 22:32
Re: Happy Father’s Day
Author: JAmtrak

 Awesome! Especially the donuts part! BIG pat on the back for doing family man type of stuff with your kids. They grow up fast. I hope that this is one of many track adventures for you all.

Date: 06/20/22 05:32
Re: Happy Father’s Day
Author: jcaestecker

Good job Dad!  Took my two boys out often, especially to Fullerton and San Juan Cap.


Date: 06/20/22 08:13
Re: Happy Father’s Day
Author: pwh

Very nice. You are a good dad.

Date: 06/20/22 09:19
Re: Happy Father’s Day
Author: OnTime

The excited looks on their faces says it all!

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