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Date: 06/20/22 19:15
Fashionably late #3
Author: oyw

Recently, Amtrak #3 has been giving riders daylight views of Cajon Pass on a regular basis. The Southwest Chief is normally scheduled into San Bernardino at 5:42AM, due to a combination of the early sunrises found during this time of year and "standard" operating delays frequently discussed here on TO, it is easy to document in sunlight. Running about 2 1/2 hours late, here is #3 last Saturday morning (June 18) at Old Keenbrook with two units and eight cars including a baggage. During the last couple of years it has survived shortened consists and schedule reductions, but it's starting to look like its old self again. 


Date: 06/20/22 19:26
Re: Fashionably late #3
Author: P

Nice photo

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Date: 06/20/22 19:37
Re: Fashionably late #3
Author: Hou74-76

This photo really made me smile today.

Date: 06/21/22 07:28
Re: Fashionably late #3
Author: Flyer92122

A gorgeous nice size train!

Date: 06/21/22 16:04
Re: Fashionably late #3
Author: ProAmtrak

Cool pic, they get the 2ND Sleeper back it'll be normal again!

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