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Date: 08/01/22 18:32
Rocky mount,nc
Author: scoobydoobydoo

how many amtraks come through each day

Date: 08/01/22 19:30
Re: Rocky mount,nc
Author: chess

Currently 4 in each direction, because of trains 97/98, the Silver Meteor is temporarily suspended. Otherwise its 5 Northbound, and 5 South. The Carolinian, trains 79/80, the Palmetto, trains 89/90, the Silver Star, trains 91/92, and the Auto Train, trains 53/52...

Date: 08/01/22 23:19
Re: Rocky mount,nc
Author: boejoe

I visited the Amtrak station fifteen years ago and was surprised to find a former ACL business car on display as well as an early high capacity car.  I think it was called a Whopper Hopper.  Not sure if the equipment is still there or not.  Just south of the station was an interchange with the Nash County RR that was (at that time) a recent acquisition by G&O (Gulf & Ohio).

Date: 08/02/22 05:39
Re: Rocky mount,nc
Author: ctillnc

ACL 500000 Whopper Hopper was moved to the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer in 2018. There was a proposal to relocate the ex-ACL office car 303 to another site in Rocky Mount, but as far as I know this never happened.


Date: 08/10/22 07:07
Re: Rocky mount,nc
Author: ctillnc

I was in Rocky Mount this week. The office car is still at the station, covered on its top and sides by a heavy tarpaulin. The car was renovated about 20 years ago at considerable expense but suffered from vandalism and water intrusion. I found a document from 2018 that the City and NCDOT had agreed to move the car about 3500 feet to the Imperial Centre, build a canopy for it, and repair the damage. 

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